the pink elephant home

2018 The Year of the Elephant!

Although not actually part of the Chinese Zodiac, we don’t think China will mind having a new spirit animal join the ranks! And who better than the ever-present pink elephant?

The pink elephant represents that oversized, hard to miss pesky reminder of all the little messes and clutter clogging up our homes. But, like many things in life, it’s complicated. We would like that nagging elephant to get the heck out, but on the other hand, she’s cute, pink and as it turns out, super smart. So, rather than evict, let’s take the good from the bad…

Did you know that the female elephant demonstrates leadership through her wisdom, strength and her extraordinary skills in problem-solving? She also has a looong memory, and with trunk up, she’s good luck. These traits are inherent in every woman who runs a home, raises kids and kicks booty at her career. We are all members of the pink elephant herd!

So, let’s embrace the pink elephant in the room. Let’s honor her good traits but take some small bites out of her messy, disorganized side. So, whether your home needs a room refresh or some serious take no prisoners organization, we got you!

2018 marks nearly the end of PEH’s second year in business (yay!) and we want to inspire you to get busy organizing and beautifying your spaces. Please visit us often on @thepinkelephanthome or here on the site!

Happiness is getting Organized. Styled. Transformed!


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